Thrive Live is a group coaching experience that allows you to go a little deeper, to really tap in to your own infinite potential and learn to use it. Our Thrive Live wellness workshops take place across three hours, and can usually be found taking place in a studio or similar – where we will combine our positive group coaching with meditation and yoga for powerful breakthrough experiences.

Our Thrive Live experiences are led by Niyc, who introduces the theme for the event, shares her insight as a positive psychologist, and also through her own personal and professional experiences, and leads a conversation with the group to help you to learn how to release the blocks that are holding you back, and unleash your best you.

The focus for this first half of the session may be on exploring through talking and writing, or it may be something more creative such as making and creating manifestation vision boards – there are no limits!


The second half of your Thrive Live experience combines yoga and meditation to imprint the content of the day into your physical self, and to help you live out intentions and bring your desires into your reality.


Some of our favourite Thrive Live themes:






Check out what’s in store for our upcoming Thrive Live experiences, and find a Thrive Live session near you….


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