Shardai Lynn

“My hidden truth...For years I suffered from anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts in silence, ashamed of who I was. Using a combination of professional help and natural medicines I have overcome my mental illness and I am now helping others through relaxation sessions and a powerful medicine from the amazon. I set up Stay True as a platform for people to discuss and share their stories, hoping to bring awareness to the subject and, even better, to help people that might be feeling suicidal.”

Kambo Practitioner, Relaxation Therapist, and Founder of #StayTrue London, Manchester, Newcastle, UK, & Marbella, Spain.

Shardai's article for optimallyou:

Self love - The ultimate goal!

“This woman is on a mission. Shardai is truly challenging perceptions and changing lives and the work she does around her #StayTrue campaign is impacting on the ground right where it is needed. You can really feel Shardai’s powerful healing nature when you are in her presence, and her trust in following her calling to serve others is humbling and inspiring.”

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