Niyc Pidgeon

As an award-winning Positive Psychologist and Founder of optimallyou, Niyc’s mission is to spread happiness all around the world!


Niyc is a speaker, writer, coach and entrepreneurship business mentor, and her enthusiasm and no-excuses attitude have been described as inspiring.


Niyc is a talented public speaker, leading group coaching events - Power Hour and Thrive Live, as well as wellness workshops, motivational talks, and academic lectures all around the world. Niyc works with clients that include professional sports teams, global business agencies, universities, businesses, schools and you as an individual.


Niyc’s academic background comprises an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Sport Sciences, and a CTLLS teaching and lecturing certification. She is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, having also previously presented at the European Conference for Positive Psychology in Amsterdam.


Niyc is a certified Personal Trainer, and has been motivating clients towards their health and lifestyle goals since 2006, helping people to overcome their personal barriers to growth and experience more happiness and thriving in their lives. Niyc highlights the importance of movement to make you feel good, and knows that fitness and positive nutrition are key to leading a flourishing life.


Niyc is Founder of Newcastle parkrun and Rising Sun parkrun, and has helped to build a community of thousands of runners for these free, timed, weekly, volunteer-led, community runs. Niyc’s academic paper, “It’s a life changer”, identifies the effectiveness of parkrun as a means for promoting flourishing lives, and again highlights the importance of movement in achieving optimal functioning.


Niyc has a passion for living well, and sharing with others the wealth of things that she has learned through her study, professional life, and personal experience. Niyc has developed the "Now Is Your Chance" message to convey the importance of seizing the moment and taking action to help you to thrive and support the best version of you.


Niyc works closely with coaching clients to help you to create the best version of you, design your best life, and live out your dreams.  You too can connect and coach with Niyc here!

You can watch Niyc’s weekly vlogs via the optimallyou YouTube channel


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