Lissa Foley Hughes

Lissa is an experienced and advanced Pilates expert with over 20 years of teaching experience, holding three Pilates certifications with CYQ, OCR and the internationally renowned BASI (Body Arts and Science International). In addition, Lissa has trained with BWY and is  a fully qualified Personal Trainer with London Central YMCA and holds additional qualifications with EFI Sports Medicine USA in Gravity Personal Training and Gravity Pilates Group.  Lissa has a true passion in Meditation and her daily practice keeps her sane! She is continually adding to her repertoire of qualifications to provide the best teaching experience possible. Her vocation and mission in her teaching is in helping people find movement, freedom and joy in their bodies with patience, persistence and playful exploration (a big dose of music goes along way too)!

Yogalilies Founder. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Lissa's article for optimallyou:

Meditation is for everyone

“Lissa’s energy is super huge and full of life and love. Collaborating and co-creating together has been an inspired process of amazing flow and creativity. Lissa’s work and dedication to her own personal practice creates an outward ripple effect of spiritual healing, growth, and joy, and I am grateful to have experienced this for myself, as well as having been able to see this shared so profoundly for others.”

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