Hannah Trueman

After struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression for the better part of a decade and finding no help from doctors and counsellors, even a specialist eating disorder unit, Hannah decided to take her health into her own hands and started learning about holistic treatments and therapies such as yoga and massage. As part of her journey Hannah also started an Instagram account - butterflies_and_elephants where she shares recipes, health and fitness inspiration, inspiring quotes and more.


Now a qualified yoga teacher, massage therapist, health foodie, food blogger (blog coming soon) Hannah has made some big changes in her life and is thriving. She is now pretty much vegan and includes a lot of green smoothies and raw food in her diet. She is passionate about sharing everything she has learned so far about unleashing our body's amazing ability to heal - mentally and physically.


Hannah would really like to encourage and inspire people to take their health and happiness into their own hands so they can feel their best, glow from the inside and live the life of their dreams.💜

Yoga instructor, massage therapist, food blogger, and Founder of Butterflies and Elephants. Sydney, Australia.

Hannah's article for optimallyou:

 Lie down on the grass and know that you are supported

“I have seen first hand how much Hannah has grown across the past few years. Her journey of personal flourishing has been beautiful to watch and be part of, and her gracious energy adds to the impact of the positive change she is creating.”

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