We love to bring people together to connect and share in positive experiences, with the intention of uplifting, inspiring, and motivating you to thrive. We run these events all over the world, and would love to bring them to a city near you!

Power Hour allows you to experience the optimallyou community in person, to be inspired and empowered by Niyc and her guest speakers, and to catalyse your own positive change. We will usually host our Power Hour events in a healthy café or juice bar so that we can grab some food together and then tune in for the Power Hour with our amazing speakers. Let's get together and thrive!

Thrive Live is a group coaching experience that allows you to go a little deeper, to really tap in to your own infinite potential and learn to use it. Our Thrive Live wellness workshops take place across three hours, and can usually be found in a studio or similar – where we will combine our positive group coaching with meditation and yoga for powerful breakthrough experiences.

Power Hour In Business is our corporate Power Hour event, which takes place in your business, to help increase the performance of your workforce, and raise your staff wellbeing. Power Hour tackles health and fitness in the workplace, and hits home about the need for a dynamic action mindset, psychological resilience, and a focus on strengths.

Can’t see a Power Hour or Thrive Live event near you? Just get in touch!

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