Create your best you!

What does the best version of you look like?


How are you working to create that?


You may not feel clear on what you want in your life, or maybe you do know what you want, but you just can’t quite work out how to get there.


Maybe your life feels out of balance or lacking in one area or another?


Whether you are looking for more happiness, want more energy, or need more time, or you want to feel fulfilled in your work and relationships, Niyc can help you to design your best life – a life that works for you and supports your vision of your best self.


Niyc has developed the optimallyou Now Is Your Chance message as a means of conveying the importance of seizing the moment and taking action that supports the best version of you, to help you to thrive.


Working with Niyc can help you to find your passion and your purpose, to gain clarity on what you want and map out the steps to take to get there. As one of Europe’s leading Positive Psychology coaches, Niyc lives her own passion and finds her flow in helping you to be at your best.


Learn to live your happiest life, and work with Niyc to help bring your dreams into your reality.


Coaching with Niyc can be experienced one-to-one via skype, and throughout your coaching experience Niyc will work closely with you to help you to understand just how amazing you are, what needs to change to allow you to break through your blocks, and the steps you can take to thrive.

Where Niyc can help you:

Letting go of things that are holding you back

Breaking through your own limitations

Finding and living your passion and purpose

Creating a meaningful business or career

Designing your best lifestyle

Organising and prioritizing commitments

Regaining your personal power

Learning to be more positive

Building your healthiest you

What to expect:

Your own discovery pack to begin your coaching

Your personal coaching session with Niyc

Your Now Is Your Chance action pack summary

Current Packages Available:

90 Day 1:1 Mentorship

Upgrade Your Success Group Programme

Full Day Live Intensive Coaching

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Niyc has worked with hundreds of clients to support their health and happiness goals.  Now is your chance to live your best life and thrive.

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